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The biggest priority for this site is the goal to evolve it into a repository of ideas shared by dads of how they entertain their kids. It’s something that simply doesn’t exist yet– a “database” of sorts with all of the ideas that dads have come up with over the years to create special memories.

Towards that end, I hired a videographer to record a few hours of footage of magic tricks that any dad can learn to do. Still in the editing stage, but can’t wait to get these published!


Words to live by, from Peter Pan’s wife.

I enjoyed the movie Hook long before I was married, long before I even imagine becoming a dad, but the message to “seize the day” stuck with me somehow. This plea from Peter (Pan) Banning’s wife, Moira, admonishing the corporate lawyer to spend more time with his children–to play with them–was downright powerful:

Moira Banning: “Your children love you, they want to play with you. How long do you think that lasts? Soon Jack may not even want you to come to his games. We have a few special years with our children, when they’re the ones that want us around…. After that you’re going to be running after them for a bit of attention. It’s so fast Peter…. It’s a few years, and it’s over. And you are not being careful. And you are missing it!

Words to remember. I know: there’s a balance. You’ve got to work to provide a future (and a present) for your kids–you can’t always put business aside. But the things we do to unwind? Your newspaper will be fine without you, the TV show that you’ll forget tomorrow– is it really worth missing a moment of that childhood?

This blog (and one day, forum) is about fun ideas, and tips and tricks for games and ways to make everyday moments into memories. It’s not about telling dads “how to be,” or giving advice on fatherhood. Not that those are bad things, but it’s not what we’re about.

Our big dream is to become a repository of all the great ideas that dads have for creating great memories. Dads have unique ways of making their kids laugh or amazed, some special relationship-builder. What if we put all those ideas into one place? Lots of moms are putting ideas up for crafts or activities on personal blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social networking sites.

Magical Dad is where we hope to see fathers share their ideas.

Moira Banning with Peter and kids in the movie Hook


From HowToBeADad.com – How Even Good Halloween Costumes Can Suck

via HowtobeaDad.com


No. Just… no. Justin Bieber birthday plates, napkins and pinatas?!

Kind of killed my appetite for birthday cake. Not sure how to react to this…
picture of justin bieber napkins plates balloons and pinata at a birthday party

Or this….

Justin Bieber Pinata at a birthday party


Halloween Candy Magic Trick

Inspiration for this bit of chocolate magic came during a social networking event in Bellevue…

You know those mini sample size chocolates, Hershey’s, Krackel, Mr. Goodbar (often used for Hallowe’en candy)?

mini Krackel Mr Goodbar Hersheys in a jar

Imagine this: you open up the foil from a piece of chocolate in front of your kids, eat it, flatten the paper and foil wrapper, hold it up for a moment, blow on your hand– and the chocolate is back! This of course means two things: one, they’re going to want to eat it, and two, they’re going to want you to do it again and again, every time they finish their candy. Just talk about cavities when that happens.

Here’s the step-by-step: reaching into the bag of chocolates, get two out of the same kind. Hide one in your palm, and keep the other at your fingertips.

Open the paper/foil, eat the one they can see. Keeping the uneaten candy hidden, flatten the used wrapper… then (after telling them to watch closely, of course) slide the wrapper into the slot between the paper and foil wrappers of the hidden and uneaten candy. “Watch this guys…”

Make you magic gesture (obscure Latin phrases, snap, blow on it, or something): open your hand with the “unfilled” side facing up. It will look as though the empty candy wrapper has magically re-filled with candy. Immediately open and give it to them. While they’re getting an endorphin rush from the sugar dose, you can wad up the old wrapper and new wrapper together.

This is easy as to repeat, unless it’s Hallowe’en night and you’re running out…
BONUS POINTS: Do this while trick-or-treating. Surely some of your neighbors have these candies. If not, you can always take the kids to another neighborhood. 😉

Make every moment count!