Halloween Candy Magic Trick

Inspiration for this bit of chocolate magic came during a social networking event in Bellevue…

You know those mini sample size chocolates, Hershey’s, Krackel, Mr. Goodbar (often used for Hallowe’en candy)?

mini Krackel Mr Goodbar Hersheys in a jar

Imagine this: you open up the foil from a piece of chocolate in front of your kids, eat it, flatten the paper and foil wrapper, hold it up for a moment, blow on your hand– and the chocolate is back! This of course means two things: one, they’re going to want to eat it, and two, they’re going to want you to do it again and again, every time they finish their candy. Just talk about cavities when that happens.

Here’s the step-by-step: reaching into the bag of chocolates, get two out of the same kind. Hide one in your palm, and keep the other at your fingertips.

Open the paper/foil, eat the one they can see. Keeping the uneaten candy hidden, flatten the used wrapper… then (after telling them to watch closely, of course) slide the wrapper into the slot between the paper and foil wrappers of the hidden and uneaten candy. “Watch this guys…”

Make you magic gesture (obscure Latin phrases, snap, blow on it, or something): open your hand with the “unfilled” side facing up. It will look as though the empty candy wrapper has magically re-filled with candy. Immediately open and give it to them. While they’re getting an endorphin rush from the sugar dose, you can wad up the old wrapper and new wrapper together.

This is easy as to repeat, unless it’s Hallowe’en night and you’re running out…
BONUS POINTS: Do this while trick-or-treating. Surely some of your neighbors have these candies. If not, you can always take the kids to another neighborhood. 😉

Make every moment count!

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